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Ashoro High School ☓ Ashoro cram school


Let's make "dream" together in the new "choice" "future"! Cram school of long legs straight limitation

In October, 2015, "Ashoro-cho cram school" for Ashoro high school students opened.
 In rare public facilities private private supplementary school, Ashoro-cho establishes nationwide, and Birth47 presenting cram school in the whole country runs this cram school. We support scholastic ability improvement of Ashoro high school student and plan attractive up of the school by granting dream of each student and aim at connecting with increase of entrance to school applicant.  In addition, even slightly many children are brought up in Ashoro-cho, and it becomes key of the local continuation, activation to maintain environment having attachment in hometown.





Who can go to Q Ashoro-cho cram school?

We can go in A Ashoro high school student anyone. As it is cram school for Ashoro high school student, anyone can go if it is hoping student.

How much does it cost expense of Q private supplementary school?

As for the expense of private supplementary school, free in town supporting in hope of learning of children carrying the future of A Ashoro and the continuation of Ashoro High School totally.

How do you decide curriculum according to Q individual?

We perform tripartite interview before A entering cram shool.
Therefore we count the present ability and schedule for the school of choice and dream backward and assemble each person's learning curriculum.

Though we are not thinking, may University Q entrance into a school of higher grade run private supplementary school?

A come by all means.
Ashoro-cho cram school copes to student wanting to be nursing system technical school and public employee (art) as well as university entrance into a school of higher grade.  As it is cram school to widen future choice, you may have you go as supplementary lessons of class of school.

You are thinking about entrance into a school of higher grade to Q difficulty university, can you cope?

Please leave A!
In Ashoro-cho cram school, we perform the highest class that we do not introduce in other private supplementary schools. As class of superior lecturers of the whole country is taken by picture class using tablet, we acquire well.  Furthermore, we catch tendency to National Center Test for University Admissions and questions of aim school and lead to pass in individual guidance and interview.


1-6, Minami-6-jo, Ashoro-cho, Ashoro-gun
Telephone: 0156-28-0121
FAX :0156-28-0126