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Opinion, inquiry 0156-25-2142 asho2141@town.ashoro.hokkaido.jp

Adult health


  1. Medical examination calendar (PDF1),(PDF2)
  2. We do gymnastics with a smile (Ashoro-cho original exercises) 

 We are renting music CD of rental Nico Nico exercises of exercises CD music at the following place.

 Ashoro-cho government office welfare section health promotion charge telephone 25-2571 (directly)

 Ashoro-cho acorn nursery school telephone 25-2574 (rental in nursery school is limited to children protector)

 Rental of CD period is one week.

Health consultation, healthy education

  1. Health consultation
  2. Home visit
  3. Business trip health course

Various medical examination (examination)

  1. Specific medical examination (metabolic medical examination)
  2. Specific health instruction
  3. Life insurance, healthy medical examination, elderly aged 75 or over medical examination, children medical examination
  4. Cancer examination
  5. Examination of echinococcus
  6. PET cancer screening
  7. PET breast cancer examination
  8. Brain dock
  9. Tuberculosis examination
  10. Periodontal disease examination

Other business

  1. The part of influenza vaccination expense furtherance
  2. Blood donation
  3. The part of elderly person Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccination furtherance (2018 Attached sheet)

Making of Ashoro-cho health plan

  1. Making of Ashoro-cho health plan, daiThe second digest (PDF1)The second digest (PDF2)