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About petition, petition

With petition, petition

We convey request about matter about the duties and say thing submitted in document in system describing opinion by introduction of member of the Diet to country, way and town, and, with petition, as for the right, it is admitted by constitution and law even by anyone.

It is not performed as legitimate right, and introduction of member of the Diet is not necessary for system to convey the fact about matter about the duties with petition for country, way and town, and to request suitable measures, too.

Examination of petition, petition

We examine petition in committee in charge of and finally vote in plenary session. Adopted thing sends opinion book to related organizations and demands measures and realization along request.
Because petition is not obliged to carry out decision making of assembly, we examine contents, and thing which we recognized as need processes by example of petition.

Presentation method

1.You make petition (petition) book in order ji, Japanese sentence in the following style, and please submit to the assembly secretariat in the second floor of government office Government building.
2.Receptionist of petition (petition) book always goes, but, on account of the paperwork, please submit within around seven days before regular State Opening day.
3.Signature of more than 1 introduction members of the Diet (Ashoro-cho congressist) or signature sealing is necessary for petition by all means. It is not necessary for petition.
4.On the presentation date, you list petition (petition) person address, full name (name in the case of corporation and full name of representative), the point, reason, and please seal petition (petition) book.
5.Petition (petition) person fixes representative for more than 2 cases and writes address, full name continuously each, and please seal.
6.Please list the point, reason briefly as possible.

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Contact information

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