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Ashoro-cho assembly broadcast

Assembly broadcast

Live broadcast


Live broadcast broadcasts state of assembly from the plenary session direct front to the end.
Plenary session start time is usually 10:00 a.m. If it is start time, we perform update (re-reading) of page, and we click "live broadcast" in the upper section, and please see.
In addition, you cannot see other than the broadcast time. In addition, we are displayed so during break.

Live broadcast delivery schedule (plan)

Airdate Day Start time Meeting

September 29

FRI 10:00

The fourth extraordinary session of a local assembly

Recording picture


As for the recording picture, live broadcast was finished; you can almost see from one week later (except Saturday and Sunday, holiday).
As list of plenary session names is displayed when we click "recording picture" in the upper section when you see, you choose meeting name that you want to look at and click button of the side in each meeting page in assembly schedule, and please watch.

※Wait a minute about update of the latest recording picture.

About this site

This assembly broadcast is not official record of Ashoro-cho assembly.
Picture and sound delivered using the Internet are compressed and may not reproduce design of assembly faithfully. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
Depending on environment of PC to use, we may not work normally. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

About reproduction player

Windows Media Player9 (for free) needs the above to look at assembly broadcast.
Please download Windows Media Player.