Town administration that is better by town planning cooperation, harmony for area well

Structure of assembly

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Structure of assembly

Role of assembly

 It is desirable we talk about what kind of town planning you do with all the townsmans, and to decide, but townsmans cannot gather in cathedral practically so that Ashoro townsman lives in peace.

 Therefore "town councillor" and "the mayor" are chosen as representative of townsman in election and hold method of parliamentary democracy.

 By understanding of town councillor who is representative of townsman, we decide directionality or process of work of town and watch town assembly whether work of town is performed appropriately and carry important role that makes living of townsman a better one.

  • Legislative organ - town councillors gather and are town assembly deciding intention of town
  • Based on decision of executive organ - town assembly, it is actually the working mayor

 We aim at realization of better town administration while the mayor being in a relation such as "important pair" with town assembly in independence, equal situation, and cooperating with each other, and planning harmony and balance in what we check.

 In addition, for town assembly, much authority is given by Local Government Act and perform the assembly execution, member of the Diet activity along it.

Voting right We decide matter established for other laws to make an important contract to examine contents of financial statements to determine budget to establish the regulations, and to change.
The investigation right, the inspection right We check whether work of town is carried out definitely and inspect.
The right to vote We choose the chairperson, vice-president, election administration committee.
The opinion book presentation right We submit opinion book for townsman to country and Hokkaido.
The petition acceptance right We receive request (petition, petition) of townsman about work of town.
The agreement right We agree with the vice-mayors whom the mayor appoints.

Town councillor

 We set the fixed number of town councillor of 13 people by official regulations of Ashoro-cho assembly synthesis regulations Article 20.

 Town councillor is chosen by direct election by townsman with the right to vote. In addition, have the right to vote;; townsman 25 years or older has a right to run for town councillor.

 Term of town councillor is four years. But zanninkikan of predecessor is term when it is chosen in by-election.

Ordinary assembly and extraordinary session of a local assembly

 For town assembly, there are ordinary assembly held regularly and extraordinary session of a local assembly which is held when it is necessary. We do the number of times four times a year, and ordinary assembly is called in September and December in March, June by the regulations.

 It is authority of the mayor to call town assembly. In addition, the mayor must call extraordinary session of a local assembly for less than 20 days when there is request from town councillors more than a quarter of the case and member of the assembly governing board fixed number who had request from the chairperson after decision.

This assembly

 All the town councillors gather, and plenary session is meeting deciding intention. There are explanation, question about suggested bills and discussion, and voting is finally carried out.

 In plenary session, general interpellation that town councillor asks thoughts such as the mayors is carried out about overall town planning.


 In committee, there is special committee where it is sometimes installed in necessary to investigate about the assembly governing board, identification to discuss the Standing Committee performing examination of referred bill from plenary session, administration method of assembly.

 There is two Standing Committee in Ashoro-cho assembly and town councillor becomes either committee and performs examination of bill technically.