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Public housing


Summary of public housing

For person who is poor in house, we build public housing in Ashoro-cho.
・School south housing complex (two 4, Minami-7-jo /2 floor-built 16 houses)
・Todan place (seven Asahicho /2 floor-built 64 houses)
・Shimoaikappu housing complex (2, Shimoaikappu /3 floor-based four 48, one 2 stories eight)
・Honor housing complex (two 1, Sakaemachi /2 floor-built 30 houses)
・North housing complex (14 the first floor of six Kita-3-jo 1-2 chome / one-story houses 24, seven 2 stories parts)
・Minami-ku housing complex (three 3, Minami-5-jo / one-story houses 16)
・Oyochi housing complex (two Oyochimotomachi / one-story houses four)
・Meto housing complex (one Metomotomachi / one-story house four)
・Alone worker house (14 4, Minami-6-jo /3 ridges)
・Child care support house (14 the second floor of seven 2 stories parts of north housing complex)


To enter

・When public housing of Honcho recruits entering applicants at any time, and space house appeared, we decide resident from entering applicant in public housing resident selection committee.
1 application qualification
・There is living together or relative who is going to live together
・We include thing in relations of the marriage in person planning of the marriage or fact
・It is the following conditions to be able to apply alone
・Elderly person 60 years or older
・Person with a disability
・Public charge
・One (in the discretion hierarchy to 214,000 yen) to monthly basis income 158,000 yen legal income
 Example: In the case of family of 2, income is less than 2,276,000 yen
   In the case of family of 3, income is less than 2,656,000 yen
・One to town tax and the town fee for use without nonpayment
・Applicant (in the housemate or relatives who are going to live together fukumi) do not be gangster

2 required documents

・Public housing application (General Administration Division contract property room window)
・Income certificate (withholding slips)
・Tax payment certificate (as for the applicant in the case of application from the town outside in the town block written consent of nonpayment investigation)
・Documents which can prove that we are poor in house including "engagement certificate" "ritsutaishomeisho"

3 instructions

・Rent is fixed according to income.
・There is no deposit, key money.
・When we propose entering alone, there are conditions such as person with a disability, welfare 60 years old or older.
・Other than rent, there is house where rental fees such as fee for common service (electricity charges) hot water supply facilities depend on other than rent.
・Two joint sureties are necessary.
・It is one because of one house to be able to park privately-owned car.
・We cannot breed pets such as dog, cat.
We can download application from this

General Administration Division contract property room property management charge

Telephone 0156-25-2141 (main) extension number 344