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Information for emigration

About emigration, domiciliation support system of town 

 Located at the northeastern part of Tokachi, Hokkaido, agriculture and forestry business that utilized the resources effectively is key industry in Ashorocho surrounded by the natural rich, very large earth.

 So that if "make child care, young generation lives for Ashoro-cho" in catch phrase in peace in town, and it is possible for child care; of use of childcare charges and school school lunch fee completely make free, attending school support to Ashoro high school student, tuition establishes free public facilities private private supplementary school, and perform various child care support. 

 We introduce main support system of Ashoro-cho to one where emigration from urban area and other areas is hoped for.


Please see than the following about information about main support system and emigration of town.

Emigration support system of Ashoro-cho. pdf


Information of house


Information of work


It recruits participants of Hokkaido living fair 2018 (Osaka, Tokyo).

"Let's live in Tokachi, Hokkaido" and recruit participants of seminar (Tokyo).

About emigration experience (trial living)   

 For one to emigrate in considered one, and to want to experience emigration to Hokkaido, we offer emigration experience house in city area in Ashorocho.


◆House location 3-11, Minami-5-jo, Ashoro-cho


House image 

Experience-based house. jpg DSC_1112.JPG

Living photograph. JPG Kitchen photograph. JPG

House ground plan


About usage of emigration experience house

◆It is up to less than six months from a minimum period of four days for period of use.

We have application up to 14 days before for two months on day to start the use. Because the use of the summer is high in popularity, application would like schedule you like early as we may not offer.

In emigration experience house, minimum article to emigrate, and to experience comprises. For more details, please see use of Ashoro-cho emigration experience house manual.

Ashoro-cho emigration experience-based house setting and management summary

Use of Ashoro-cho emigration experience house manual 

 ※It is put under ban of the use of pet in facility and is prohibition of smoking.

Use application

◆Charge of Ashoro-cho emigration experience house

1,500 yen per use charges 1st

500 yen (from October to April) per winter season addition charges 1st

※Rate becomes per diem calculation.

◆One to be able to use

One and family which approves of purpose of business in one, and can cooperate with presentation of use situation report after the use of experience-based house that emigration is examined to Ashoro-cho.


◆Application for emigration experience

Please inquire for application for emigration experience and inquiry to the following phone number or e-mail address. I will inform contents which you inquired after the confirmation from Ashoro-cho.


Contact General Administration Division district construction promotion room district construction promotion charge

Phone number 0156-25-2141

E-mail sousei@town.ashoro.hokkaido.jp

Other information about emigration 

◆Win in this; northeast emigration support center

We unify information of "house, work, living" about emigration with three northeastern part of Tokachi (Honbetsu, Ashoro, Rikubetsu) and publish in exclusive homepage.

In addition, they place two full-time emigration advisers, and various that emigration to three in northeastern Tokachi is examined in providing consultation about emigration, please use the following homepage.


Win in this; homepage of northeast emigration support center

◆General bibiddo collaboration 

Person who examine emigration to Ashoro-cho, and hopes for emigration to Ashoro-cho through agriculture experiences of individual treatment as give advice, please consult with this.


Homepage of bibiddo collaboration


Introduction video of Ashoro-cho that we produced in bibiddo collaboration

Ashoro-cho PR video

Interview video of immigrant

Reference about emigration

Ashoro-cho General Administration Division district construction promotion room district construction promotion charge

Phone number 0156-25-2141 FAX: 0156-25-9178

E-mail: sousei@town.ashoro.hokkaido.jp