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Sightseeing information

  Around onneto Meakandake map

  Around onneto Meakandake figure. jpg

 About other sightseeing information, please see page of ashoro Tourism Association.

Event information

  The 37th Ashoro oldness and flower Festival Sunday, May 27, 2018 (the end)

  The 39th Ashoro oldness and Bon festival dance, two countries fireworks display Wednesday, August 15, 2018 (the end)

  Rally Hokkaido (Rally Hokkaido) from Friday, September 14, 2018 to 16th Sunday

  2018 onneto story Sunday, September 30, 2018

 About other event information, please see page of ashoro Tourism Association.

Tourist brochure

ashoro tourist brochure (PDF)

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Sightseeing in Ashoro-cho MAP


Sightseeing in sightseeing in Ashoro information, onneto information


Town map, Ashoro gourmet lunch information 1


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Ashoro gourmet lunch information 3, bar snack, medical institution, accommodation, hot spring information


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Pond Hokusan town English version pamphlet PDF

Sightseeing in Akan National Park wide area meeting (http://www.akan-mashu-nationalpark.asia)

We promote promotion of sightseeing in wide area in the local government and tourist association of 11 municipalities constituting Akan National Park.

 On homepage, we come to be able to search 101 information including store, mountain climbing and walk to treat restaurant and View Point, spa facility, special product of each municipality according to municipalities distinction and category distinction, season. We introduce gallery introducing scenic spot of each municipality with photograph and video, access information to each airport, model course around the park.

National park enjoyment project (Ministry of the Environment)


In Ministry of the Environment, we carry out "national park enjoyment project" with the goal of planning branding as "national park" of world standard in national park of Japan in national park of eight places including Akan National Park.

 Go ahead through approaches to plan expansion of approach to draw charm of nature to the maximum and the bold use in park area by Ministry of the Environment and the hometown local government and hometown company, cooperation with each ministry and will aim at accomplishment of 10 million national park users of visit to Japan foreigner in future by 2020.