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iitoko size introduction of Ashoro

Dispatch base of sightseeing information
ashoro Milky Way hall 21 (road station: Flea Wi-Fi maintenance finished)


 Information dispatch base dearuashoro Milky Way hall 21 of sightseeing and special product of Ashoro-cho. In hall, there are takeout corners providing coffee and light meal "restaurant ashoro" where menu using town product ingredients is rich "BAKERY ashoro" providing bread hot from the oven "SHOP ashoro" selling town special product other than guidebook corner to send sightseeing information of Ashoro to.
 In addition, we display railroad line which lasts for 95 years as "Chiharu Matsuyama corner" displaying stage clothes and record of singer, Chiharu Matsuyama from Ashoro-cho and Japanese National Railways pond north line, Furusato Ginga Line, and was got close to as local foot, and the highlight is full.
 Please drop in at mazuhaashoro Milky Way hall 21 if you know Ashoro.

1-1, Kita-1-jo, Ashoro-cho

For ancient romance
Ashoro animal fossil Museum


 In hall, it is displayed fossil which is valuable in the world including frame specimen of desmostylluses and friend of whale discovered in town a lot and can learn world history or breeding of Tokachi from fossil and stratum.
 In addition, experience menus such as mini-excavation that to be able to observe cleaning work of fossil whether you are serious, and stone kouo is made with replica of fossil which we used and can dig genuine fossil and crystal from stone are richness. We take a lot of original museum goods to be able to buy only here, and soroi eteimasude come by all means.

1-29-25, Kounan, Ashoro-cho

We do not collect to Chiharu Matsuyama fan!
Movie "departure" location set


 Movie location set "we beat newspaper publisher" (house of Chiharu) which was used in "... from departure ... Ashoro" which assumed autobiographical novel of superstar, Chiharu Matsuyama whom Ashoro produced the original. In location set which reproduced the parents' house of Chiharu Matsuyama faithfully, small tools such as signboard or bicycle of former Ashoro Station used for shooting are displayed.
 As we release the location set inside for free on the summer weekend, it is tourist attraction to be able to enjoy other than Chiharu fan.

4, Kita-2-jo, Ashoro-cho
☎0156-25-6131 (NPO corporation ashoro Tourism Association)

Europe is felt
Lake road station, Ashoro


 Building "Lake Ashoro" of Europeanness built on the hill where Lake Ashoro is seen.
 Using fresh milk of beef which JA ashoroga craftsmen of "ashoro cheese studio" to run live on very large Daichi for relaxedly, we handcraft cheese which flavor is rich in there.
 In addition, "dog Laon" where we run and can turn pet dog to is established in site.

673-4, Nakaya, Ashoro-cho

Mysterious lake "onneto"


 Located at the foot of Akan National Park, Meakandake, "onneto" which acquired two stars in tourist guide "Michelin green guide japon" one of the Hokkaido three size secret lakes and done "onneto" is small lake of neighborhood 2.5km in the Nishiyama foot of Meakandake. Because color of surface of a lake changes with clear blue, emerald green, dark blue by season and weather, angle to see, it is called another name "Goshiki-numa".
 In addition, we can enjoy walk while walk road being maintained around surface of a lake, and expecting appointed "waterfall of hot water" from natural monument of country in magnificent active volcano "Meakandake" and the foot.

Moashoro, Ashoro-cho national forest

We travel across 100 famous mountains in Japan!


 Meiho, Meakandake which extends over Ashoro-cho and Kushiro-shi. Meakandake which was chosen in 100 famous mountains in Japan started volcanic activity approximately 20,000 years ago and we repeated eruption many times afterwards and formed complicated mountain body.
 Shore of Lake Akan course, Nonaka hot spring course, onnetokosu and three mountain climbing routes are maintained, and the accommodations such as campground or inn are substantial around others which can enjoy mountain climbing, too.
 ※As mountain climbing may be limited for active volcano, please confirm the situation of volcanic activity of the Meteorological Agency beforehand.

 The Meteorological Agency (reporting page for volcano mountaineers)

The Japan's biggest giant butterbur
"Rawan buki"


 In Rawan district located the east of Ashoro-cho, famous "Rawan (and others bowl) buki" grows wild as "the Japan's biggest giant butterbur" nationwide. As for the giant butterbur which grew in colonies along the swamp of this Rawan district, height of a rice plant 2-3m, diameter of stem became 10cm, but 4m, greatest dimension of leaf reached 2m height of a rice plant once.
 When the late June and mid-July walks between Rawan buki which greatly grew up in Rawan buki appreciation ho ground in in full bloom, we can realize koropokkuru legend, and cutting can experience giant butterbur in neighborhood.

Kamirawan, Ashoro-cho

360-degree vast panorama opens
Ashoro-cho University scale grassland upbringing ranch


 Public ranch where total area is approximately 1,300ha. At very large site where approximately 270 Tokyo Dome is, beef can see figure grazing grass leisurely. In addition, we can expect grand mountain, Meakandake and Akan Fuji representing Eastern Hokkaido from the depths of rich ups and downs to hark back to hilly areas in Europe and are perfect View Point that can sense very large Ashoro bodily.

146-1, Shiraito, Ashoro-cho

"Ground pink" which finishes dyeing the face of the mountain in pink and white


 10,000 azaleas and 1,000 cherry trees are planted in Satomigaoka Park flower garden, but noted product is ground pink. When it is the end of May, pink and white ground pink bloom in profusion all at once and can enjoy beautiful scenery that totally spread carpet all over the face of the mountain every year. In addition, we can see cityscape and Akan mountain range of Ashoro from observation deck in garden.

Satomigaoka, Ashoro-cho

choku* "waterfall of Shirafuji"


 "Waterfall of Shirafuji" which continues flowing through unique brown bave rock. We can enjoy dynamic figure which puts up spray from altitude of 20m to the basin of a waterfall, and drops at a stretch. Above all, quantity of water increases in the early spring when slush flows, and force of waterfall which is daring, and runs is right the best part.
 In addition, it is dotted with large and small waterfalls of "waterfall of Shirafuji" in town and can enjoy Nature.
 ※As courses from parking lot to waterfall are not arranged, come with shoes comfortable to walk in.

Shiraito, Ashoro-cho

"Nishiki marsh" where skunk cabbage grows in colonies


 In the small marsh approximately neighborhood 200m located near onneto, limonite deposits in marsh bottom and people and is called "Nishiki marsh" because we are full of unique orange water.
 Skunk cabbage grows in colonies in spring and projects color of seasonal virgin forest on the orange surface of the water.

Moashoro, Ashoro-cho

"A sea of clouds" which brings on fantastic atmosphere


 In Ashoro-cho, difference of heat and cold is very intense for basin among mountains in the circumference, and it features the highest temperature in midsummer that there is much minimum temperature on day less than -20 degrees Celsius in the depth of winters while there is day more than 35 degrees Celsius.
 From such an environment, we can see a fantastic "sea of clouds" where fog generated by radiational cooling wraps up the foot of mountain in early winter from autumn.

Jurisdiction first-rate size!
Satomigaoka Park "footbath"


 There is "footbath" proud of Tokachi jurisdiction first-rate size in Satomigaoka Park. The size is scale as 100 people are available in 10m in diameter or more at a time.
 It is one which we take consideration into, and there is relaxation effect again stopping being tired of foot after sports and running and enjoys footbath after sports and the running, and how about?

Fireworks of force perfect score are popular!
Ashoro oldness and Bon festival dance, two countries fireworks display


 Big event "Ashoro oldness and Bon festival dance, two countries fireworks display" of Ashoro performed every year on August 15. Fireworks of force perfect score launched close are who from child including two countries fireworks display of popularity to adult, but, other than disguise meet and child Bon festival dance that the prize money is, event to be able to enjoy is full.
 As for "Ashoro oldness and Bon festival dance, two countries fireworks display of nostalgic atmosphere," it is event that is indispensable for person and tourist going home let alone local person slightly with nostalgia.