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The 38th Ashoro oldness and Bon festival dance, two countries fireworks display

The 38th Ashoro oldness and Bon festival dance two countries fireworks display ended safely. Thank you.

1 sho rice cake lace. JPGCostume sumo. jpgBeer garden. jpgSpray art. jpgAiry X 2.jpgBon festival dance. jpgFireworks. JPG

8,055 launching total number! !

We launch 55 fireworks in celebration of birth of children born in last year this year!

Various fun programs such as dome, pipittokunfuwafuwa Dome mini-stage show, child fair, disguise Bon festival dance meet with the prize money, child Bon festival dance meet, fun lottery, Ayumi light!

The date and time: Tuesday, August 15, 2017 from 13:30 to 21:00

Venue: Toshibetsu River Ryogokubashi riverbed

   Ashoro townsman center


  13:30 - oldness and beer garden

         aorenkyo mini-stage show (Ashoro-cho young man group communication meeting)

         (1 sho rice cake lace, strike rider lace, costume sumo, beautiful foot contest

         Spray art)

  15:30 - child fair (association of Ashoro-cho child society society)

  17:00 - disguise Bon festival dance acceptance (in the Bon festival dance headquarters)

  17:30 - child Bon festival dance, Ashoro leading to enjoy together

  ... is chimaki at 18:00, too

  18:25 - disguise Bon festival dance, uncostumed dancing

  19:15 ... two countries fireworks display

  20:15 - disguise Bon festival dance commendation ceremony

  20:30 - fun lottery

  21:00 - end

The 38th Ryogoku, Ashoro fireworks display. jpg

About fireworks display viewing

 Because disaster restoration caused by typhoon of last year and anti-disaster measures are not completed, sandbags are piled up on riverbed now. Viewing space becomes smaller than average year, but viewing that we climb sandbag hopes that we do not do as we are prohibited from entrance than road side this side regulation rope of sandbag.

Fireworks display preparations (6). jpg

 On the day vehicle approach regulates around venue sequentially from 1:00 p.m. on August 15. We can see fireworks at the road top in regulation range, but hope that we open seats on the road and do not fix as emergency vehicle may go.

Vehicle regulation. png

We cannot go out of regulation range other than the permit vehicle after the vehicle approach regulation start. In addition, it cannot travel vehicle other than emergency vehicle during fireworks launching. We cancel vehicle approach regulation sequentially as soon as security is confirmed after fireworks display.

Annoying parking hopes that we do not do illegal parking.

Parking lot map (we open with new window)

・I would like visit by riding alignment on foot to be limited in parking lot.

About person with a physical disability seat

We prepare seat having you see toward the person with a physical disability.

We can see one and person of assistance (to two people) who are hard to walk.

Please offer by each person about carpet and chair.

※It becomes person seat for an invited guest targeted for child fireworks project and viewing area of combined use

Child fireworks seat for an invited guest, person with a physical disability seat. png

Ashoro-cho young man group communication meeting mini-stage show

Mini-stage show of Ashoro-cho young man group communication meeting (ishitaaorenkyo) is carried out this year.

It is various contents including very popular beautiful foot contest and serious sumo with six costume last year.

We cooperate in members of Ashoro-cho agricultural cooperative youth group, Ashoro-cho business and industry society youth group, Ashoro-cho young man meeting in aorenkyo and push forward preparations.

Fireworks display preparations (7). jpg

aorenkyo mini-stage show program

13:30 spray art

14:00 1 sho rice cake race    (targeted for child of 1 year old)

14:30 strike rider race (targeted for child before elementary school attendance at school from 3 years old)

Sumo including arrival at 15:00    (vote ticket is each store purchase one piece)

16:00 beauty foot contest (championship prize money 30,000 yen, runner up 20,000 yen, third place 10,000 yen)

※On the day, about 1 sho rice cake lace strike rider lace, beautiful foot contest, we become participation receptionist. When we reach capacity, thank you for your understanding.