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Rawan (and others bowl) buki Hokkaido inheritance


In Rawan district located the east of Ashoro-cho, famous "Rawan buki" grows wild as "the Japan's biggest giant butterbur" nationwide. There being friend of approximately 20 kinds of giant butterbur in the world, but being brought up in Japan only as for giant butterbur and the Petasites japonicus (obuki). wasebuki and mizubuki which are usually used for food are seen in big Rawan buki to be brought up in former giant butterbur, Rawan, Ashoro-cho district with thing same as latter Petasites japonicus, but giant butterbur growing in colonies along the swamp of this Rawan district may be thing which possibly is different as it is to 10cm (height of a rice plant 4m, greatest dimension of leaf reached 2m once), and height of a rice plant 2-3m, diameter of stem are only things larger-scale than Petasites japonicus. It is thought that we are such greatly brought up by aquatic resources of the soil and abundant Rawan River of sabulosity, neighboring forest.

Ashoro-cho agricultural cooperative acquired intellectual property (trademark) and publicized with poster and brochure, and name of "lauan buki" came to be introduced by the whole country, all of the road in TV or newspaper as local special product of Honcho in iku tetekitanomodeari, late years. Because it is made common name as if trademark is just kind name and common name, and it might not be able to keep discrimination to take out "lauan bukino seed and saplings" performed registered trademark of into other municipalities, we take measures of "town outside carrying out prohibition such as seed and saplings" by town and agricultural cooperative, agreement with related organizations including ashoro tourist association.