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News from the Board of Education

We came back through a lot of experience and memories on chest safely from Canada!

 Four representatives of 1 Toshio of Ashoro high school which received training visited the mayor of Akutsu for sister city interchange in uetasukiuin city of Canada Alberta until 21-29 days in September and reported conduct.


 Daisuke Shirai

"Myself, visit to Canada are the second, but interchange with host family that we were not able to experience remains for memory by the first visit very much. By Japanese practice program that we named, we presented the name that kanji of "sho" entered to mother that the name, smile associated with "tea" to father were wonderful of tea enthusiast and we had you please with meaning very much if you told and were glad. We were able to feel a lot of new sense of values in this training."

He/she talked about this.


 Moe Aoki flower

"Homestay was the most fun in the training. We stayed in home of rivai, but everybody of family had you take to various places very kindly and experienced lot. We mentioned warm hospitality of Canadian magnificent nature and host family, and all felt together with uneasiness and trouble in Japan small at all. We want to repay kindness of Ashoro-cho that had a so splendid experience in the future!"

He/she talked about this while brightening eyes.


 Each student talked about each experience.

 We want future life to keep alive without forgetting people whom we met in this training in Canada and impression and that we learned! And please become human being who can play an active part globally in the future!

 When all of visit groups is welcome back some other time♪