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Opinion, inquiry 0156-25-2142 asho2141@town.ashoro.hokkaido.jp

Water supply, the sewer

About start, cancellation of water supply (the sewer) use


 When we begin use of water supply by moving or it is canceled, we need report beforehand. Come over to government office directly, or I would like notification over telephone.

Reception hours: From 8:35 a.m. except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays to 5:05 p.m.

The notice place where one go to: Construction section water and sewage room

     (the second floor of the Government building ninth window telephone 0156-25-2141 extension 354.355)

About payment of rate

 Rate table is this. (please inquire for other water rates)


 As for the payment of rate, fund transfer is very convenient. If you like, I would like procedure after having thing understanding account number including bankbook at following financial institution or construction section water and sewage room window, seal of account registration.

 [fund transfer day] As for every various water rate ..., as for every 23 a month Kusaka water rate ..., it is 25 days a month

 (in the case of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, ※ transfer day is financial institution business day after the next day)

 [financial institution which is available for fund transfer]

 Hokkaido Bank Ashoro Branch, Obihiro Shinkin Bank Ashoro Branch, Ashoro-cho agricultural cooperative, Japan Post Bank

Precaution on using

1.Please be careful about leaks of water!

 ◆Quantity of water more abnormally than everyday use quantity of water rises

 ◆"News of abnormal quantity of water" was mailed with inspection of a meter vote

 ◆Though we do not use water, we hear sound called "Shoo"

 When it applies to the above, leak of water is possible. Please connect with construction section water and sewage room or designated water supply equipment construction company of town.

 List of designated water supply equipment construction companies is this

2.Please be careful about freeze!

 ◆We operate draining off stopper, and let's do water last joke in winter when we are away from home in trips during period for a long term.

 ◆It becomes easy to have a lot freeze of water supply in particular by night in winter on day when serious temperature is low during period. Let's do water last joke before going to bed by all means.

3.Let's use the sewer definitely!

 Drainage pipe may be clogged up when we spread oil or garbage in sewer system. Let's keep next in mind to use the sewer definitely.


 ◆It will prevent you from draining garbage and oil to outlet port of kitchen.

 ◆It will prevent you from draining thing except toilet paper at flush lavatory.

 ◆When drainage pipe is clogged up, we may have you repair with personal burden.

About examination of water plan

 Examination of water plan is plan that we showed item, point, frequency of examination of water to explain examination of water of water supply clearly. In construction section water and sewage room, we carry out examination of water based on this plan.
 2018 examination of water plan (PDF)
 2017 examination of water plan (PDF)

About local revival plan that utilized local construction promotion grant

 Local revival plan that utilized "local construction promotion grant" (maintenance business of sewage treatment facility)

 The Heisei 28-31 year (PDF)

Water and sewage public information

1.News (we publish articles that we listed in public information)

 About division of waterworks (town, individual) (PDF)

2.ashorono water and sewage

 The second first (PDF) issue (PDF) third issue (PDF) fourth issue (PDF) fifth (PDF)
 The sixth (PDF) seventh (PDF) eighth (PDF) ninth (PDF) tenth (PDF)