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Various commendation ceremonies were held

 November 3
 2017 town person who has rendered distinguished services commendation ceremony that commended person that development of town included remarkable achievement was held in townsman center. As for what was commended in this year, it is made an effort for establishment of fair personnel affairs administration as the self-government service to this day as town fairness Committee committee from September, 2005 and is made an effort for medical care and construction of cooperation system of care, health, the welfare as Takao Ise who had you play an active part as chairperson of town planning townsman meeting of Ashorocho collaboration, the social welfare service and is three people of a large amount of contributed Yumiko Morimoto for the elderly person welfare as Chizuru Ikeda acted as as school doctor more than 30 years, good deed Prize.
 Commendation shield and souvenir were handed prize winner after address of Mayor Katsuhiko Akutsu in commendation ceremony.
 "The spot called medical care may not be like drama every day, and Ikeda hears complaint on behalf of prize winner, and days soothing continue. We may be present at moment to shine shiningly when I think that it was good to do these work during such days. When we were present at the moment, we think whether there was past effort. It is born from environment with there being patient, support of various people including the staff. The environment supported Ise and supported Morimoto and spoke address of gratitude saying we think that it led to today's receiving a prize.
(from the preceding paragraph left Takao Ise, Chizuru Ikeda, Yumiko Morimoto)

 In addition, prior to person who has rendered distinguished services commendation ceremony, commendation ceremonies such as prizes for town culture prize, sports were held in 2017, and each prize was given various places where there was achievement for culture and sports of town.

<, in the one in response to commendation, following>
・Culture prize for encouragement
 (individual) Kiyomi Igarashi, Kinji Sudo, Fusao Takahashi
・Teen's culture prize
 (individual) Mukai friend Nagisa
・Teen's culture prize for encouragement
 (individual) Nana Hirakawa, Niri Kikkawa, Wataru Minoshima, Minoru Sato Sora
 (group) Ashoro High School wind music station, Ashoro Junior High School brass band club, Ashoro teens brass band
・Prize for sports
 (individual) Masao Amida, long Kazuo Minami
・Prize for teen's sports
 (individual) Rina Aoki
 (group) Ashoro Junior High School swimming Boy Scouts girl
・Teen's sports prize for encouragement
 (individual) Risa Onishi, Moe Aoki flower, Itsuki Kudo, 髙kyohanaka, Miu Waragai,
     Hikari Kikkawa, Kayoko Sato, person River feeling Yui
 (group) Ashoro High School Kyudo club boy, Ashoro High School Kyudo club girl
     Ashoro Junior High School swimming relay team boy, the Ashoro swimming sports Boy Scouts