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Ashoro oldness and Bon festival dance, two countries fireworks display

August 15
 If "39th Ashoro hometown Bon festival dance, two countries fireworks display commemorative for Hirakicho, Ashoro-cho 110 years" (executive committee sponsorship, Katsuyoshi Maruyama practice chairperson) was in front of the townsman center, it was performed in Toshibetsu River Ryogokubashi riverbed, and approximately 5,000 visited.
 Is unfortunate; it was likely to rain, and a part of the mini-stage show and child Bon festival dance, disguise Bon festival dance were called off, but, in venue, beer garden and costume sumo, spray art by Yuki Echigoya, child fair were performed, and many people who exceeded umbrella and rain gappade rain gathered from the outside in the town block. Foot pride of five people participated in "beautiful foot contest" carried out for Ashoro-cho, and cheers went up to "beautiful foot" of gooseberry more from the circumference of stage. In addition, performed rice cake firewood was distributed one by one every year for rainy day.
 By two countries fireworks display, fireworks celebrating Hirakicho 110 years were launched, and celebrate newborn baby who was born in last year; fireworks of 8,037 including 37 of "fireworks oageyo project lighted up night sky of Ashoro for child".