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To student, protectors thinking about entrance into a school of higher grade to Ashoro Senior High School


Ashoro-cho has more everybodies know charm of Ashoro Senior High School and performs various support to support the characteristic making of school which is.

  • Support of attending school costs
     The periodical purchase price for public transport or assistance to rooming house charges

  • Entrance to school lump sum (70,000 yen)

  • Field trip lump sum (30,000 yen)

  • Ashoro high school student foreign countries training dispatch business

     We dispatch allcomers of the Ashoro Senior High School first grade in Canada Alberta uetasukiuin city which is sister city of Ashoro-cho. Travel expenses such as transportation expenses, Passport acquisition expense assist in full.
     In 2017, we carry out in schedule of 9 days and 7 nights from September 21 to 29th.

  • Support to student to be the care staff

    We bear attendance expense (approximately 100,000 yen) of the person of ... care staff first designation training (the old housekeeper second grade)  during attendance at school in full

    We hope for working  after graduation in nursing facilities in Ashoro-cho in ... future and we loan study fund (monthly basis less than 50,000 yen) to which enters care worker training facility after Ashoro graduation from high school, and aims at qualification of care worker and do. In addition, money of repayment becomes total amount exemption when we work in care insurance facility in Ashorocho during period equivalent to double of period when we received loan.

  • Support from Ashoro Senior High School promotion society
     The furtherance such as summer, winter season class, various official approval, trial run for an examination expenses, club activities expedition costs, English learning teaching materials e-Learning expense

  • Gratuitous offer of lunch

  • Public facilities private private supplementary school "Ashoro-cho cram school"
    Cram school of individual guidance type for Ashoro high school students. If it is student going to Ashoro Senior High School, we can go free.

  • Accommodations "Ashoro-cho multi-purpose interchange facility"
     We enlarge a building and, per a lot of entering applicants, are decided. In the spring of 2018, new living room is open!

     We maintain accommodations "Ashoro-cho multi-purpose interchange facility" for students in hope of entrance to school from distant place. We have rooming house function and support homey atmosphere thing and high school life.

  Application for details such as rates and entering,
   ≪General corporate judicial person bibiddo collaboration≫
    Address: 〒 089-3712
        1-24, Minami-2-jo, Ashoro-cho, Ashoro-gun
    Telephone: 0156-28-0280
    e-mail: info@ashoro-vivid.org
  Please refer for made.

 ※The number of the rooms is limited. As it becomes application order, please refer for person wanting entering early.

As for the details of support contents, please see brochure (PDF).


※Ask the details in Ashoro-cho Board of Education education general affairs room (0156-25-3188).

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