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Opinion, inquiry 0156-25-2142 asho2141@town.ashoro.hokkaido.jp

Admission, entrance to school

Ashoro, Hokkaido High School

〒089-3732 5-11, Satomigaoka, Ashoro-cho, Ashoro-gun
TEL 0156-25-2269 FAX 0156-25-2269

Please confirm the details in Ashoro High School HP.

Ashoro-cho Center for Early Childhood Education and Care acorn

Please see the following link about admission of nursery school. (come jihoikushofukumi)

Ashoro-cho Center for Early Childhood Education and Care acorn

Inquiry to elementary school, junior high school is as follows.

1. Ashoro Elementary School

Address     3-1, Minami-6-jo, Ashoro-cho
Telephone     0156-25-2114
       0156-25-4904 (FAX)

2. Oyochi Elementary School

Address     2-5, Oyochimotomachi, Ashoro-cho
Telephone     0156-28-2232

3. Meto Elementary School

Address     196, Metoumotomachi, Ashoro-cho
Telephone     0156-26-2102
       0156-26-2213 (FAX)

4. Rawan Elementary School

Address      65-5, Rawanmotomachi, Ashoro-cho
Telephone      0156-29-7122
        0156-29-7409 (FAX)

5. Ashoro Junior High School

Address     4-4, Satomigaoka, Ashoro-cho
Telephone     0156-25-2679
       0156-25-5964 (FAX)