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Guidance of raw study fund study as for Ashoro-cho doctors in 2018, raising

In Ashoro-cho, we perform loan of study fund for person who will hope for duty as doctor or nurse in the future in Ashoro-cho.

Ashoro-cho doctors raise study financially. pdf

1 qualifications
  * Person who majors in medicine in university, and is going to work as doctor in the future in Ashoro-cho
  * Person who is going to work as nurses in the future in Ashoro-cho
The subscription for 2 staff
  * Doctor    One person  
  * Two such as nurses
3 loan amounts of money
  * Doctor    Monthly basis less than 200,000 yen
  * Nurses    Monthly basis less than 100,000 yen
4 applications presentation documents
  ・Application (style first)
  *We can download from Ashoro-cho homepage.
 ・Transcript ※After the application documents acceptance, I will inform about presentation such as documents modifying application some other time.
5 repayment methods
  * It is period within 18 years after doctor ... doctor qualification more than six years
  * As for the nurses, it is periods within three years after qualification such as ... nurses
6 repayment postponements
  * Time to work in doctor - Ashoro-cho, and to engage in duties as doctor
  * Time when nurses work after ... qualification or the graduation in Ashoro-cho, and they engage in duties as nurses
7 repayment exemptions
  * When we were in office during period when we received loan as doctor within 18 years after doctor ... doctor qualification, we exempt in full
       There is part of outside exemption rule
  * Nurses are in office during considerable period of 1.5 times of period when they received loan as nurses after ... qualification or the graduation
        There is tatoki total amount some exemptions rule out of the exemption
Deadline for 8 applications Thursday, November 30, 2017
We plan 9 interview December. On the date and time, we guide separately.
10 applications, reference
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