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Government building guidance


General Administration Division (the second floor of the Government building)

General affairs room

General affairs Government building management, assembly bill adjustment, the regulations, election
The staff Staff salary, the training, adoption, welfare program
hiromehohirome* Thing about calendar issuance, request, A email, history book about the town editing of published by public information ashoro, living
Information management Densan System, information disclosure, personal information protection, network management, homepage management

Plan finance room

Finance Compilation of the budget, financial program, financial statements office work
Plan adjustment Thing about statistics various for general plan of disaster prevention, ashi bus, important measure and adjustment with each section bureau Seki surukoto

Local construction promotion room

Local construction promotion Emigration domiciliation, empty house measures, hometown tax

Contract property room

Contract Bid, contract, supplier screening registration
Property management Use of public housing, municipal ownership property management, hall

Construction section (the second floor of the Government building)

Construction room

Engineering works Maintenance, river construction of town road, forest road
Building Construction of public facilities, public housing
Land ownership investigation Land ownership investigation, land-register map management
Management, city planning Road river management, city planning, park maintenance, street light

Water and sewage room

Water and sewage duties Water supply fee for use inspection of a meter, authorization, collection, benefit principle iron, the fee for use, drainage
Water and sewage engineering works Maintenance, sewer construction of water supply construction, water supply facility

The assembly secretariat, the checkup committee secretariat (the second floor of the Government building)

Economic section (the first floor of the Government building)

Agriculture promotion room

Agricultural administration Agriculture promotion
Stock raising Stock raising promotion
Farm village maintenance Farmland, agriculture and forestry way maintenance

Forestry promotion room

Forestry promotion Prevention of forestry promotion, tree planting promotion, forestry conservancy measures, harmful birds and beasts extermination, birds and beasts damage

Commercial and industrial sightseeing promotion room

Commercial and industrial sightseeing, energy Commercial and industrial promotion, labor measures, sightseeing promotion, special product, natural environments, resources energy

Inhabitants section (the first floor of the Government building)

Inhabitants room

Inhabitants life Registration, graveyard of residents' association, traffic, crime prevention, consumer protection, refuse disposal, dog
Family register pension Family register, resident's card, national pension, Passport
Insurance National Health Insurance, medical system for elder senior citizens

Tax practice room

Taxation Levy such as townsman tax, insurance taxes
Storing The collection, disposition for failure to pay taxes of townsman tax

Receipt and disbursement section (the first floor of the Government building)

Receipt and disbursement room

General affairs Receipt and disbursement storage, expenditure order examination such as cash

Welfare section (the first floor of the Government building)

Health welfare room

The welfare Social welfare, welfare, Japan Red Cross, children's allowance, the person with a disability welfare, local welfare officer
Health promotion Health consultation, instruction, various examination

General support counselor's office

Care insurance Care insurance, certification for long-term care
Local inclusion support center Elderly person support, care consultation, care plan, preventive plan
The elderly person welfare The elderly person welfare

The agriculture committee secretariat (the first floor of the Government building)