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About prevention of damage caused by snow (the snow removing, blizzard)

◆Damage caused by snow occurs in average year. Please be careful not to encounter damage.

To spend time safely in house

◆When we are careful about weather information, and blizzard is expected, let's avoid going out.
◆For blackout, tool for flashlight, portable radio, cold protection will usually prepare for portable stove, kerosene, emergency rations, drinking water.
◆As carbon monoxide poisoning might be caused when we use FF-type heaters, let's warn so that the neighborhood of mind Exit to supply and discharge is snowy and is not blocked up.

When you go out by car, be careful

◆We possess without forgetting cell-phone just in case!
◆As car may be stranded, we prepare winter clothing, boots, gloves, scoop, traction rope for car, and we confirm that there is fuel enough, and let's go out. In addition, we are reliable when drinking water and emergency rations prepare just in case.
◆If we drive and feel danger by ground snowstorms, let's wait for recovery of weather at road station and convenience store, service station without overdoing it.
◆When car was stranded in heavy snow or hangout for dropouts, please ask for help by all means in road services such as JAF or house nearby. In addition, you put lighting and stop indication board of hazard lamp, and please show a lot of cars.
◆When place and neighborhood where we can evacuate to do not have house, in communication with firefighting (the 119th) and the police (the 110th), please prepare for help in car.
◆When car was buried under snow, let's cut engine. When muffler is buried under snow, exhaust gas flows backward in the inside of car, and carbon monoxide poisoning might be caused. When you start the engine by cold protection out of necessity, you open window and ventilate, and please clear the muffler circumference of snow diligently.

When you clear of snow, be careful

◆When we do snow removing of roof
 ・We support >> ladder to perform with plural number. We confirm security. In the case of emergency help!
Stop; when perform alone without obtaining, call out to family and neighboring person!
 ・Invention such as attaching slipper to slipper >> shoes and ladder!
 ・For case and snowy sudden drop that put on lifeline, and even >> trouble added lifeline to waist, and slipped!
 ・To person and child passing bottom of confirmation >> roof in the neighborhood attention!

Approach for the preparation and prevention of disaster, reduction to blizzard

 ○"We comprise leaflet to blizzard"
    Publication URL http://www.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/sm/ktk/snow/rif.pdf
 ○Leaflet "delightful snow (product for primary schoolchildren) which acts violently if snowy"
    Publication URL http://www.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/sm/ktk/snow/kids.pdf
○Disaster prevention mini-notebook
Publication URL http://www.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/sm/ktk/snow/mininote.pdf