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Than the mayor



 There is Ashoro-cho in splendid natural scenery colored by Akan National Park and Daisetsuzan National Park, and "onneto" projects seasonal color particularly in surface of a lake, and the forest surrounding the neighborhood saves wood resources which are rich as natural wood of eminence in Hokkaido.
 We think about community easy for naturally with person so that all the townsmans can spend every day when heart is calm in this rich earth and develop various promotion business toward it, and vitality fixes base of town which there is.
 We discuss with townsmans and consider and give wisdom, and child pushes forward town planning of contact of townsman participation that I think, it "was good to be born in this town" that all people "were allowed to live in this town" to adult and the elderly as basic idea by "town planning of collaboration" to act together, too.

Ashoro-cho Chang'an Katsuhiko Hisatsu