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Tree, flower, chicken, the townsman charter, declaration of town chapter, town

Town chapter

Ashoro-cho chapter

Origin of town chapter

We combine "ti" with "a" of Ashoro and symbolize the prosperity of town where whole country one is wide in the shape of wing in the upper part and express harmony and solidarity of townsman in Japanese yen of the lower part.

Tree, flower, chicken of town

We memorialized the Ashoro-cho open basis 70th anniversary on October 20, 1978, and "flower, tree, chicken of town" was decided.

  • Tree of town
    Picea Glehni
    Picea Glehni

    As the bark is tinged with red than silver fir, there is this name. Height of the tree greatly varies according to conditions, but may become big trees more than 40m if condition is good.

  • Flower of town
    Myosotis sylvatica azalea
    Myosotis sylvatica azalea

    Fallen leaves (half fallen leaves) shrub of heath family Rhododendron. We are distributed over rocky place of Hokkaido and northeast mountainous district of Asia. Height is approximately 1m. We flower from April through May, and the feature is that leaves grow thick after the flowering.

  • Chicken of town
    Hazel grouse
    Hazel grouse

    Kind of birds belonging to Galliformes Lagopus mutus. The genus is different from snow grouse inhabiting alpine belt of Honshu, and color of feather does not change.

The townsman charter

 We are very large town where cause green of exceedingly high mountain of Akan shines in, townsmans of Ashoro.

 We inherit great achievement of ancient people and fix this charter for prosperity of native district and limitless future progress with wish.

We act on 1 yuan mind, and let's make rich town happily.

We worship in one each other, and let's make cooperation, warm town.

We follow one rule, and let's make bright town with peace.

We deepen one culture, and let's make town which is high in flavor of culture.

We love one comfortable nature, and let's make beautiful town.

We declare "town of nuclearfree peace" (November 1, 1995)

 We abolish nuclear weapon, and it is the only nuclear contamination country, Japanese citizen common earnest wish in the world to realize permanent harmony and is sincere wish of Ashoro townsman.

 Today when nuclear weapon is giving world peace and survival of the human big menace, we strongly accuse extinction of nuclear weapon.

 And our Ashoro-cho brings up heart for peace to townsman each one to follow beautiful native district, and to tell rich living to descendant.

 Therefore, we pray for realization of maintaining firmly of the three non-nuclear principles and permanent peace and make up our mind to protect happy townsman life livable brightly, and Ashorocho declares "town of nuclearfree peace" here.

We declare "town of pasturage dairy farming promotion" (June 15, 2004)

 After the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease and BSE, establishment of food security by the use of country feed which is particularly safe to plan establishment of "food safety characteristics" is demanded while economic effect top priority infrastructure expansion, reinforcement advances, and sustained development of agriculture, farm village including maintenance stability of management by display and cost reduction of multifaceted function of agriculture is demanded more under new international environment such as progress of WTO agriculture negotiations, and, besides, establishment of resources circulation type agriculture that can deal with environmental problem including improvement and domestic animal disposal of excreta of country self-sufficiency ratio is necessary for today's domestic stock-raising industry.

 We raise availability of roughage which adapted to land, natural condition of Ashoro-cho in such situation and plan more expansion of use of pasturage to show large domestic animal original function which is grazing animal and approach of pasturage dairy farming as recycling agriculture that took in pasturage based on land base by resources circulation of soil, grass, domestic animal gives big result such as improvement of not only harmony with nature but also management and gets high evaluation.

 In addition, by approach of pasturage dairy farming, much shinkishunosha aiming at pasturage dairy farming enters in Ashoro-cho and become movement to new shunokeitai in agricultural area that aging goes ahead through.

 Ashoro-cho declares that we promote pasturage dairy farming that is resources circulation dairy farming as sustained grassland stock raising that adapted to land condition in addition to conventional dairy farming form.