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The history of town


1869 We change the Ezo to Hokkaido and found 11 86 counties.
In former west Ashoro-cho, Tokachi country Nakagawa-gun, former Ashoro village belong to Kushiro country Ashoro-gun.
1874 We enter Inaushi for Yuzo Omori, the deer skin brokerage.
1879 We emigrate to Nakaashoro from Shigetaro Hosokawa, en couple, Shiranuka.
1897 We start loan in the division measurement, the next year of Ashoro Taiyuan field.
1899 We tear road open from Honbetsu to Ashoro.
1901 Description of Shigeru Ito enters Kitoshi and confirms Meto hot spring.
1902 Ashoro simple education place establishment (forerunner of former east Elementary School).
1903 Akashi Ando way begins private elementary school of the Edo period-style education (forerunner of Ashoro Elementary School).
We are opened from supposition prefectural road, Honbetsu to Kamitoshibetsu.
1904 Ashoro large; special education branch office establishment.
Sakae Murakami Shiro begins private school class in Nakaashoro (forerunner of former Nakaashoro Elementary School).
1906 Road completion to reach *betsu (existing Rikubetsu) from Kamitoshibetsu.
1907 Ashoro post office establishment.
Colonization road opening between Ashoro large - Nakaashoros.
1908 Separate from Shiranuka, each both Ashoro counties village town office, 3 ka murakochoyakujo*oki out of Ashoro.
Colonization road opening between Nakaashoro - Rawan.
1909 Officer Ashoro Futoshi police box setting.
Colonization road opening between Rawan - Kamiashoros.
1910 Army military horse supplement department Kushiro Branch Ashoro branch office establishment.
Ikeda - *betsukantetsudokaitsu.
Ashoro Station, the Kami-Toshibetsu Station opening of business.

The Taisho era

1913 Oyochi Station establishment. Kamiashoro - *betsukandorokaitsu.
1914 josokukieki*kai*.
Road opening between Ashoro - Meto.
Ashoro forest supervisor police box establishment.
1915 Road opening between Meto - Kamishihoro.
1917 It is authorized Ashoro large public facilities fire defense organization.
1918 We juxtapose Ashoro large primary school advanced course.
1919 We separate *betsumura, Toshibetsu village 2 village and become 1 ka village (Ashoro village, Rawan-mura) town office out of Ashoro.
Deluge, damage of farmland, bridge are serious in typhoon Ashoro district.
1921 It becomes de-centralized village, west Ashoro village (the second grade municipality organization) from Honbetsu-mura.
1923 1 ka village town office out of Ashoro becomes the second grade municipality organization enforcement, Ashoro village.
We call in Ashoro city and construct.
1925 Forest railway is opened to 37, Kamiashoro Line.


1927 Autobus business start periodical between Ashoro - Kamishihoro.
1929 Autobus business starts between Ashoro - Honbetsu.
1932 Road completion from Moashoro to buttocks piece distinction.
1933 West Ashoro village office Government building new construction.
1934 Ashoro village office new move.
1935 Damage from cold weather, frost damage, large bad crop.
1938 We start Rawan post office telegraphic communication telephone office work.
1939 It is formed civil defense unit by Ashoro village, west Ashoro village.
1942 It is established forestry owners' association by Ashoro village, west Ashoro village.
1945 Damage from cold weather, bad crop. Food, supplies extremely lack.
1946 Japanese medical care group west Ashoro Hospital establishment.
1947 Junior high school establishment.
Ashoro village is lighted (farm village electrification first issue).
1948 Ashoro-gun becomes position of Tokachi Subprefectural Office from Kushiro Subprefectural Office.
1949 Kyushu University practice forest setting.
Honbetsu High School west Ashoro branch school is set up by west Ashoro Junior High School.
1950 West Ashoro village enforces town administration and becomes west Ashoro-cho.
1951 We hold the first sightseeing festival, Meakandake opening of the mountaineering season.
1953 The existing 241 size is promoted to national highway.
1954 Institute of town housekeeping becomes the official authorization.
1955 West Ashoro-cho and Ashoro village become merger, Ashoro-cho.
1958 Merger of towns and villages and government office Government building completion commemorative ceremony conduct.
1961 Ashoro village agricultural cooperative and west Ashoro-cho agricultural cooperative are merged and become Ashoro-cho agricultural cooperative.
1962 The first public hall festival (later school festival) holding.
Senbiri dam completion.
1963 Rubeshibe - west Ashoro Line is promoted to the second grade national highway on the way (242 size).
1965 We establish song of town chapter, townsman.
National Health Insurance hospital new construction.
1968 The state-run large-scale grassy place business start of work.
1970 Pond Hokusan town purification center, human waste processing ground completion.
1971 It becomes depopulated designated area.
1972 On Meakandake top thunderbolt accident (the primary schoolchild child alone death).
1973 State-run Ashoro district great scale grassland upbringing ranch completion.
1974 We subscribe joint workshop new construction, the mass production system of wooden sculpture.
1975 Ashoro-cho special elderly nursing home open.
Townsman charter establishment.
1976 Fossil of desmostyllus is excavated.
1978 We decide flower, tree, chicken of ... town of the 70th anniversary of the open basis.
1979 Elderly person purpose of life center open.
1980 We hold hometown meeting linking Ashoro to the first Tokyo in Tokyo.
1981 Snow Brand Mild Products Ashoro lockout.
1982 The first Ashoro oldness and flower Festival.
Satomigaoka baseball field completion.
1983 Townsman center completion.
1985 The third Ashoro-cho general plan report.
1986 We inspect the first townsman jet, Canada.
1988 Ceremony of the 80th anniversary of the open basis.
Concert is held in the first onneto lake.
The first whole country step summit holding.


1989 We declare green shining town.
The Furusato Ginga Line opening of business.
Festival holding of green and forest.
Mascot "Ayumi" of town birth.
1990 We report to Ashoro and open.
uetasukiuin city and twinning signing.
The general gymnasium opening.
1991 Mind and body child with a disability going to kindergarten facility Ayumi garden establishment.
80 pieces of lasts are laid by sightseeing street.
1992 Wastes last disposal processing ground facility in-service start.
There is the name of the world's first right whale fossil.
We appoint shiowakka in town cultural assets first.
1993 Cheese factory, ederukeze building opening.
Road station "Lake Ashoro" designation.
1994 Ashoro-cho day service center opening.
Ashoro-cho warm water pool is open.
1995 The ashoro Milky Way hall 21 (Ashoro Station) completion.
1996 ezo deer dismantling processing fabrication plant operation.
1997 onneto Youth House blind alley.
House "neiparu ashoro" of prefectural Ashoro boy nature opening.
1998 Ashoro animal fossil Museum "Foss Tolly ashoro" opening.
Ceremony commemorative for Hirakicho 90 years.
The Ashoro-cho firefighting general Government building completion.
1999 Ceremony of the 50th anniversary of the Kyushu University Hokkaido practice forest foundation.
2000 The Ashoro Elementary School opening of a school (the west small, the east small, the Nakaashoro small unifies).
The waterfall manganese oxide generation ground of onneto hot water is appointed to natural monument of country.
The National Health Insurance hospital completion.
2001 Ashoro sewage final sewage disposal plant passing water type.
2002 Ashoro Nishinaka school, Kamitoshibetsu Junior High School, Rawan Junior High School closing a school.
The Milky Way clean center completion.
Garbage separated collection start.
2003 The agriculture farm village activated facility "village of rawan Japanese butterbur" completion.
Eastern Hokkaido Expressway Ashoro IC opening.
2004 We declare town of pasturage dairy farming promotion.
Road station "ashoro Milky Way hall" designation.
2005 Ashoro-cho agricultural cooperative and Ashoro-cho reclamation agricultural cooperative are merged and become Ashoro-cho agricultural cooperative (newly).
Meto quality of wood pellet factory operation start.
2006 Meakandake eruption.
The Furusato Ginga Line abolition.
The government office Government building completion.
2007 The ashoro child center completion.
2008 Ceremony commemorative for Hirakicho 100 years
2009 The shinkishunokenshu center completion.
The completion of crematory.
2010 The completion of multipurpose tourist facility.
2011 ashoro Milky Way hall 21 renewal.
2012 We authorize in next-generation energy park of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2013 The Ashoro Junior High School school building completion.


City area COMMUNITY bus service start.

We assist Ashoro-cho area, and center service starts.


Elderly person composition facility "musubirejji" in-service start.

The school lunch center completion.