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International exchange

Interchange with sister city Canada Alberta uetasukiuin city

 We reached the globalization era in Ashoro-cho, and it thought that it was significant to have opportunity when townsman mentioned cultures in pushing forward town planning and started "townsman jet" which sent townsman overseas business from 1986. We concluded twinning with Hokkaido and did dispatch by introduction of aggressive Canada Alberta state government for interchange with the municipalities in Hokkaido with uetasukiuin City, and it was the basics of later twinning.
 Interchange with Canada uetasukiuin city which began with the first townsman jet of September, 1986 sat on friendship in intervisitation, but because promotion mother's body of private enterprise level was required to build deeper relations, Dorothy French of the councilor who visited Ashorocho in uetasukiuin City in 1987 (the later mayor) became chairperson, and "friends of, ashoro" was organized, and we organized "fair (meeting of WA) of Ashorocho international exchange friend" in total, and interchange at private enterprise level for twinning, relations reinforcement were planned in Ashorocho in April, 1989 by the next town of the second friendship mission.
 By the third townsman jet of August, 1988, it was confirmed to conclude twinning by two years later, and there was swelling in the time by interchange of interchange group again, and uetasukiuin City willingly consented, and, in 1990, tie-up of both cities was bound together in commemoration of the interchange fifth anniversary formally by offer of twinning from Ashorocho.

Townsman jet
 We carry out townsman foreign countries training dispatch business (townsman jet) that started from 1986 almost every other year, and 12 times, 133 townsmans visit sister city uetasukiuin City in until 2006 and deepen interchange through homestay.

The middle and high school student foreign countries training
 We carry out the overseas training of junior high student, high school student almost every other year from 1992, and 11 times, 182 visit sister city uetasukiuin City in until 2012 and stay with home of the same age and interchange.

Ashoro high school student foreign countries training dispatch business
 All the applicants dispatch student of Ashoro High School every year and they visit uetasukiuin City and, in this business that began in 2013, learn foreign culture through homestay experience. It is until 2015 and dispatches a total of 134 people.

Meeting of Ashoro-cho international exchange friend
 People who participated in townsman jet till then in 1989 form meeting (and we put initial W of uetasukiuin city and initial A of Ashoro-cho together popular name of meeting, meeting of WA) of Ashoro-cho international exchange friend and thereafter perform interchange business such as acceptance of visit corps from uetasukiuin city.

Member of international exchange
 From September, 1992 to the present, I would like the choice of the personnel in association of friendship of uetasukiuin city and post one person in the Board of Education as member of international exchange and have you carry English instruction and interchange business to primary and secondary student and townsman.

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