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Staff employment information

Re-recruitment of 2018 Ashoro-cho staff (care worker)

We carry out Ashoro-cho staff (care worker) employment examination in 2018. ※Re-offer

We sort 1 examination and are going to adopt, and number of people care worker is alone

We engage in care duties in 2 job specifications Ashoro municipality special elderly nursing homes.

3 eligibility requirements for an examination

 Which graduates from university, junior college, higher vocational school, high school by March, 2018, and has qualification of care worker in possibility born on after April 2, 1983 that is a graduate or that it is expected that we acquire qualification before school graduation. In addition, one that can usually live in Ashoro-cho after adoption having driving license. But person corresponding to one of next kakugo cannot take an exam.

 1) Person who does not have Japanese nationality

 2) Person who corresponds to one of kakugo of local public service worker method Article 16

・ Adult ward and cover conservator (including quasi-incompetent)

・ Person before ceasing to receive the execution until we are sentenced to punishment with more than of imprisonment and end the execution or

4 adoption date April 1, 2018

Date of 5 examinations and method  

(1) From examination date and time Monday, December 4 11:00 a.m.

(2) Examination meeting place Ashoro-cho government office (4-48-1, Kita-1-jo, Ashorocho)

(3) Method basic education examination, aptitude test of examination and interview examination

Deadline for 6 examination procedures and application

(1) About application

Please obtain from three next methods.

 You click icon in the lower apeji, and application performs duplex printing to A4 size, and admission ticket to an examination makes prints, and please attach on postcard.

 i Ashoro-cho government office General Administration Division general affairs room staff charge (〒 089-3797 4-48, Kita-1-jo, Ashoro-cho, Ashoro-gun

Please request from address 1).

※ When you depend on mail, you do "staff employment examination application request" (*) and rubrication in the top of envelope, and please enclose self-addressed envelope (thing which A4 size enters) of address specification that you put 120-yen stamp on by all means.  *The parenthesis of rubrication, please specify qualification (care worker) to take an exam.

 We distribute in u sokukichoyakujosomukasomushitsushokuinninaitomadokuchi.

(2) Application method and application

 Oh, you fill in application with predetermined matter by handwriting with ball-point pen, and please submit to Ashoro-cho government office General Administration Division general affairs room staff charge. (thing which we made with ※ PC does not accept)

 As you send i admission ticket to an examination later, you fill in address, full name, zip code by all means, and please put 62-yen stamp.

(3) Deadline for application Monday, November 27, 2017

※ From reception hours 8:35 a.m. 5:05 p.m. (do not accept on Saturday on Sunday and holiday)

 In the case of mail, we accept only for thing with postmark until November 27.

(4) Application attachment documents

 Please attach reproduction of care worker qualification. In the case of qualification possibility, please attach qualification certificate with possibility or certificate to follow during school attendance at school.

7 salaries are based on the Ashoro-cho regulations.

※ Ask anythings such as salary, working hours casually.

Reference: General Administration Division general affairs room staff charge (TEL 0156-25-2141 extension number 323)

Application downloading

Admission ticket to an examination downloading