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Opinion, inquiry 0156-25-2142 asho2141@town.ashoro.hokkaido.jp

Employment, the retirement

Job offer information of Ashoro-cho

We will tell about job offer information sent to in HelloWork Ikeda.

Update day 12, Ashorocho ten days a month. pdf

We win in this, and job offer information of Honbetsu-cho, Ashoro-cho, Rikubetsu-cho is placed in northeast emigration support center (http://akinavi.net/work/hwork.html).

Oldness and east Tokachi whole year employment promotion meeting

What are oldness and east Tokachi whole year employment promotion meeting?

 We were established to promote the employment in employment promotion meeting, whole year of migrant workers in oldness and east Tokachi whole year. We are constructed in Rikubetsu-cho, Ashoro-cho, Mayor of Ikeda, Honbetsu-cho, Toyokoro-cho, six towns of Urahoro-cho and run by money of burden of six constitution.

Available one

Migrant worker living in Rikubetsu-cho, Ashoro-cho, Mayor of Ikeda, Honbetsu-cho, Toyokoro-cho, Urahoro-cho.

Main business

Qualification support project

 Meetings such as medium-sized driver's license or large special driver's license considerably support sum (upper limit 134,000 yen) 40% of expense that becoming needed the whole year employment to appoint for the acquisition of prospective qualification large size.

 About qualification support project. pdf

It is _01.jpg about qualification support project


 If there are questionable point or opinion, please refer for oldness and east Tokachi whole year employment promotion meeting at the following without reserve.

 Ashoro-cho government office economy section business and industry sightseeing promotion room telephone 0156-25-2141

Revised child care, care suspension of business law started on October 1, 2017

 When we cannot enter nursery schools, we come to get parental leave until 2 years old.

For more details, please see this leaflet (PDF).

Indefinite switch rule (we get into full swing from April, 2018) to work in peace

With indefinite switch rule

 Definite term labor contract anti-; return; when is updated, and was over five years in total, is rule that can switch to destined labor contract (indefinite labor contract) that there is not of period by application of worker. (count of five years starts from definite term labor contract that we concluded after April 1, 2013 in total.)

For more details, this leaflet (PDF)

Or please see indefinite switch portal site (http://muki.mhlw.go.jp/).

Work rest mo kakeikaku

The "work rest mo kakeikaku" - year-end and New Year holidays are ... by reward to oneself on consecutive vacations

 To business owners (user), let's examine introduction of premeditated grant system of annual vacation.

 The Labor Standards Law is revised, and, as for the user, it is necessary to appoint season every year on 5th, and to give all workers given annual vacation more than ten days paid vacation from April, 2019. In addition, about five days when you must appoint at this time, for days of annual vacation that worker acquired does not need designation commencing with premeditated grant system in season.

 You connect on scheduled holiday for the year-end and New Year holidays and acquire "PLUS ONE vacation", and will you not have consecutive vacations? Let's plan rising refreshment as if cooperating by team including the boss and co-worker, and being able to acquire annual vacation in the same way as work premeditatedly.

For more details, please see way of working, rest improvement portal site.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Hokkaido labor bureau

Way of working, absent one improvement portal site (http://work-holiday.mhlw.go.jp/)