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Thing about certification of a seal impression

With seal registration

It is to register registered seal necessary for registration of the registration and car of real estate, making of attested document.
It is performed under the intention of registrant in one becoming important about right and duty.

Seal which we cannot register

 ・We do not express by letter on resident's card (as for seal, chapter and the thing which there is, possible)
 ・We express occupation, matter except qualification or other full names
 ・It is easy to transform rubber stamp, others
 ・Size of imprint is delivered to square of one side of 8mm in length
 ・Size of imprint is not delivered to square of one side of 25mm in length
 ・We do not have much face of a seal
 ・What's called that the face of a seal comes, and loss or reading of thing wearing down and imprint is difficult
 ・Other seals and the same thing which receive registration

Thing necessary for registration

・Seal which wants to catch registration
・Person confirmation documents (driver's license, Passport, disability certificate)

※In the case of agent application, the following is necessary, too

 ・Report of agent election
 ・Seal of agent

Grant of seal registration document

If seal registration is completed, we issue seal registration document.
Please keep carefully so that it is not lost as seal registration document is necessary for request of seal certificate.

Request of seal certificate

Thing necessary for request

・Seal registration document
・Fee one 300 yen

※When you request, seal is not necessary, but please bring seal registration document by all means.

Style to register seal with

Seal registration application word
Seal registration application PDF
Seal registration agent election notice word
Seal registration agent election notice PDF
Seal registration agent election notice entry example

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