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Thing about family register

Request of family register

Kind Fee Inner       yo
Copy of a person's family register, abridgment 450 yen We prove all or a part listed in family register.
aratameseiharakoseki 750 yen It is done aratamesei how many degrees family register is. We say family register before it is done aratamesei.
Removal from a register certified copy, abridgment
Certified copy
, abridgment
750 yen When all the members were removed from the family register one listed in family register, koseki*, abridgment becomes joseki*, abridgment.
Family register items mentioned proof 350 yen It is copying of notice about family register including birth registration and notice of death.
Family register tag 300 yen We prove history of address of one listed in family register.
Identification 300 yen We prove tutelage registration, that we are not informed of adjudication of bankruptcy

Instructions when family register is requested

1.When we did grant request of family register, person confirmation of claimer was established in law.
Please bring driver's license, Passport, health insurance card by all means.
2.When we request family register except the person or same family register being on the register roll, we clarify reason of request, or attached shi te give proxy.
Proxy is not necessary for lineal ascendant or lineal descendant (parent and child, grandparents or grandchild)

Bills (PDF) such as family register proof

Proxy (PDF) (doc)

Report of family register

Kind and period of report

Main report Report organization Report person Report place We bring
Birth registration Less than 14 days including natal day Father or mother Birthplace, permanent address or address place of report person municipality Birth notice, mother and child health handbook, seal
Notice of death Less than seven days including day when we knew fact of the death Relative, housemate, manager of house Permanent address or address place of one that died, municipality of the address ground of report person Death notice, seal, cremation fee (when we cremate in Ashoro-cho)
Marriage registration   Two who marry Permanent address or address place of either municipality getting married Marriage notice, seal, copy of a person's family register (when there is not permanent domicile in Ashoro-cho) of two
Divorce paper It is less than ten days including day of trial decision other than the divorce by agreement Husband and wife Permanent address or husband, address place of wife either municipality Divorce notice, husband, seal, copy of a person's family register (when there is not permanent domicile in Ashoro-cho) of wife
Report of transfer of domicile   The head of a family and spouse Permanent address, the address ground, municipality of transfer of domicile Seal, copy of a person's family register (in Ashoro-cho except case of transfer of domicile) of transfer of domicile notice, the head of a family and spouse

※There are report of adoption, report of adopted child divorce, report of entry in the family register, cognitive notice elsewhere.

Instructions when we report
One made various family register reports, please show identification card (driver's license, Passport, certificate of the physically disabled) of issuance such as public offices where photograph of the face is attached to.
Case that false report is given to by "spoofing" by third party occurs nationwide.
We carry out thorough person confirmation by fate of laws and ordinances to prevent outbreak of case in Ashoro-cho.

Request of family register by mail

1.Preparation for bill

Please fill in matter necessary for bill which you downloaded than the following.
As bill style does not matter if necessary matter is listed, we can request even letter paper.
[necessary matter]
・Address, full name of requested one, phone number to get communication in the daytime
・Kind, tsusuu of family register to request
・Permanent domicile of family register to request and head of a family full name
・Please fill in purpose of use, the presentation name in detail

2.Preparation for fee

In the case of request by mail, please enclose fixed-amount money order (you sell at post office).
Please refer to "request of family register" page for fee amount of money

3.Preparation for person confirmation documents

Please offer copying of thing with mention of address such as driver's license, nation health insurance card.
[attention] It becomes the person or spouse, lineal relative to be able to request family register.
    When other one is requested, proxy is necessary.

4.Preparation for self-addressed envelope

Please prepare thing which you fill in return address address, full name and put stamp on.
[attention] As family register becomes return to address of principle, person confirmation documents ↑, please list address on person confirmation documents in self-addressed envelope.

Request style by mail

koseki*, abridgment by mail bill (PDF) (EXCEL) entry example (PDF)

ProxyPDF) (WORD)


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