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When we get a divorce (divorce paper)

When you get a divorce, please report.

Report period

・In the case of divorce by agreement, legal effect occurs from day when we accepted report.
・In the case of divorce by mediation, umpire, settlement, approval of request and trial, it is less than ten days from on day of approval of request and day of umpire, trial decision on day of establishment of mediation, settlement.

※When it is past period, entry of reason book is necessary and may be inflicted in correctional fine.

Report person

・In the case of divorce by agreement, it is husband and wife
※When the next agency is not established, signature, sealing of two people mentioned above is necessary for report person signature space.

・In the case of establishment of mediation, umpire, settlement, approval of request and trial divorce, it is petitioner or person of submission of suit
※When petitioner does not report within the report period mentioned above, we can report from the other party.

Report place

・Permanent address of couple
・Address place of husband or wife
It is either municipality government office of this

Necessary thing

1 divorce paper
  (in government office. Paper is usable in the whole country.)
Seal (thing to use vermilion for) of 2 couples
3 copies of a person's family register (all matter proof)
  (one with permanent domicile is not necessary in town)
In the case of 4 divorce by arbitration, settlement divorce, approval divorce, it is certified copy of each record.
   In the case of divorce by judgment, it is certified copy of umpire book and decision certificate.
   In the case of judgment divorce, it is certified copy of judgment paper and decision certificate.
5 person confirmation documents (please refer to the following link corner for the details.)


・In the case of divorce by agreement, signature, sealing of witness (two adult), entry of the date of birth, address, permanent domicile are necessary for notice.
・When there is minor child between couples, please select pro-incarnation as father (step father) or mother (step mother).
・About him (family name) of child, we do not change depending on divorce of parents.
 When it wants to change him of child, it does "statement of he change of child", and it is necessary for family court to get permission after it finishes procedure of divorce. After the permission in court, we bring certified copy of authorization and copy of a person's family register (in the case of Ashoro-cho, unnecessary permanent domicile), and he of child is changed by doing "report of entry in the family register" at government office.
・One where he (family name) was changed in the case of the marriage returns to him (maiden name) before the marriage by divorce. When we want to use him who is marrying sequentially, report of "notice (2 reports of one of Census Registration Act Article 77) which names him who called himself in the case of divorce" is necessary particularly. For more details, please refer.
・Address does not change only by report of divorce. Address change needs report particularly.
・When you do not have person confirmation documents, we can report.
 In addition, person confirmation is not possible and will tell the next agency report person that it was not done about there having been report by mail.