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When child was born (birth registration)

We have you report by all means if child is born.
Please use the Chinese characters commonly used, kanji for names, hiragana letter, katakana for the name of child.
※When you are born in foreign territory, please refer as procedures are different.

Report period

It is less than 14 days including born day
(when it is past period, entry to reason book is necessary, and correctional fine may be assigned.)
※When is born in foreign territory; less than three months

Report person

Father of child or mother
※When the next agency is not established, signature, sealing of father or mother is necessary for notice.
 Please inquire for case that you cannot sign.

Report place

・Permanent address of parents
・The location (the address ground) of parents
・Either municipality government office of birthplace        

Necessary thing

1 birth registration
  (please receive at hospitals which were born as the right side becomes birth certificate)
Seal (thing to use vermilion for) of 2 reports person
3 mother and child health handbooks