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When family died (notice of death)

We have you report by all means if family passes away.

※When you die in foreign territory, please refer as procedures are different.

Report period

It is less than seven days from day when we knew fact of the death
※When die in foreign territory; less than three months

Report person

1 relative
2 housemates
3 landlords, landowner, house manager, bailiff
4 guardians, conservator, supporting person, any guardian (※)

※When guardians are reported, "entry certificate" proving the qualification or "certified copy of court" is necessary. For more details, please refer.

Report place

・Permanent address of person who died
・The location (the address ground) of report person
・Death place
It is either municipality government office of this

Necessary thing

1 notice of death
  (please receive at hospitals which died as the right side becomes death certificate)
Seal (thing to use vermilion for) of 2 reports person

※When we received report, we issue *kasokyokasho.

The following procedures may be necessary after the funeral service.

It is participation in 1 National Health Insurance → Return of request, health insurance card of funeral costs
It is participation in 2 medical system for elder senior citizens → Return of request, health insurance card of funeral costs
It is participation to 3 national pension → Request of non-payment, lump sum to the family of the deceased, survivors' basic pension
4 or other people who has medical proof or identification of recipient → Return of proof
Cases more than 2 member of household which stays when 5 family nurturer dies → Report of family nurturer change