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Opinion, inquiry 0156-25-2142 asho2141@town.ashoro.hokkaido.jp

Local nursery school

Nursery school of exception payment that there is any place other than city district

 Meto nursery school (address) 108, Metomotomachi       Telephone 050-3608-1102

 Rawan nursery school (address) 65-5, Rawanmotomachi Rawan elementary school campus

                           Telephone 050-3609-9568

 Kamitoshibetsu nursery school (address) 65, Kamitoshibetsumotomachi       Telephone 050-3548-6840

 [entrance age] 2 years old child - 5 years old child

 [entrance procedure] We list the requirements in entrance application which there is in child center and each nursery school,

        Please apply. It is necessary to receive determination of sum of childcare authorization and childcare charges.

 [childcare charges]  Childcare charges are free, and, by business, childcare charges become free.

 [procedure, inquiry]

        Child center general affairs charge telephone 25-2574