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Child development support project

 Are you not worried about such a thing about child?

*It is difficult * something which interest to * friend not to readily talk does not grow up into, to be concerned

*We are playing * one with a few * smiles that we rarely match eyes with silently

*Even if a lot of * movement that often cries for a long time calls out, we move at own pace

 3 offices of visit support office, Ashorocho child with a disability consultation support office are installed in Ashorocho child development support center, Ashorocho nursery school in child center to think about curious thing in such development together, and to watch the breeding of child together. In addition, we carry out various business to watch growth of child after the attendance at school together.

Basic thought of support of 1 3 office

What  value in supporting "leisurely at ease". When we bring up child, we think that there are much anxiety and troubles. Speed of the development varies, but children grow up by all means as there are individual differences. We are doing with "words that want to value" most at ease leisurely to value feeling to believe the growth.

Introduction of 2 3 offices

(1) Ashoro-cho child development support center Ayumi garden

 While there is anxiety for child care, it is difficult to associate with child happily. We are concerned with child individually, and Ayumi garden aims for by performing support to the development of child, promoting calm growth.

 Daily nursing performs support that they put together for the development while the staff being concerned with child individually, and playing happily. Protector prays place that can talk about trouble and anxiety of child care relaxedly for it being with child, too.

(2) In Ashoro-cho nursery schools, it is visit support office

 We visit facilities such as nursery schools and are specialized business supporting for adaptation to communal living with child.

 Thinking about the way of support to visit schools where child who received supply decision belongs to, and to need with schools of support focus.

(3) Ashoro-cho child with a disability consultation support office

 Services that child with a disability consultation support, supply decision require are business making the use plan. When Ashoro-cho child development support center and Ashoro-cho nursery school want to use visit support project, please consult with this consultation support office.

Three original business

 Other than the development support project based on the Child Welfare Law, we carry out town's original business in hope of the healthy development of child of Honcho.

(1) Visit support project to elementary school, junior high school, high school

 We visit school depending on request of each school and protector and examine support that we hold a meeting and put together to child for visit of class and support. In the nursery schools, visit support project needs legal supply decision, but this business does not need supply decision.

(2) School counselor dispatch business

 Dispatch school counselor in junior high school (once a month), Ashoro High School (twice a month) regularly, and student varies; is consulted.

(3) Individual inspection business

 We carry out the individual development inspection, IQ test while we have request in consultation with protector to evaluate the development of child watching the breeding together in objective viewpoint. After the study implementation, we tell protector about state at the time of inspection and try to share the situation of child while we added test result to everyday state. In addition, when the consent of protector was provided, we report test result to school to belong to at support meeting and share the way of support with each school.

When I want to use 4 child development support projects, what should I do?

 There is method to have you make a call directly. In addition, by talking with health nurse of town, adjust consultation day and can contact when it is difficult to call directly.

Does it take 5 fees?

 Ashoro-cho child development support center, Ashoro-cho nursery school are that visit support office is facility based on the Child Welfare Law, and 10% is usually charged. But fee is exempted when we use Center for Early Childhood Education and Care in children before attendance at school.

 Ashoro-cho child with a disability consultation support office and town original business does not cost fee.

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