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Child care support


Money of child care support childbirth celebration

And, as celebration of childbirth, the first child presents 200,000 yen/ to later-born more than 100,000 yen/, the third child.

The furtherance of expectant mothers going to hospital transportation expenses

We support for transportation expenses to plan reduction of financial burden of expectant mothers performing pregnant woman medical checkup and childbirth with medical institution out of the town.

The furtherance for infertility treatment

We support up to 150,000 yen to plan reduction of financial burden of inhabitants who received specific infertility treatment.

The furtherance for recurrent pregnancy loss treatment

We support up to 150,000 yen for laboratory cost, treatment costs once to plan examination of recurrent pregnancy loss and reduction of financial burden of treated couple.

Childcare charges perfection is free

We assume all childcare fee of person of entrance (we include schoolchild nursery school) free.

Childcare charges at home are free

We assume childcare charges of homey childcare (childcare professional system: childcare at home by nursery staff) free.

School lunch is completely free

We offer lunch to lunch charges free of elementary and junior high school in the town block, Ashoro High School student for free.

Medical expenses support of child

It is medical expenses total amount for free of non-school children (there are income restrictions). Medical expenses total amount for free, taxation household have reduction (there are income restrictions) of patient's payment of medical expenses 30% to 10% in primary and secondary student of residence tax tax exemption household.

Support to Ashoro High School

Support of attending school costs

The total amount of the periodical purchase price for public transport
In the case of privately-owned car, it is monthly basis 2,000 yen
As supporting period is 12 months, it is effective during period for summer vacation, winter vacation.

Support of rooming house charges

40,000 yen of rooming house charges monthly basis is assisted by limit
Supporting period is 12 months like attending school costs assistance. When we lodge at house of relative, we become a target if there are any contracts.

Entrance to school lump sum

It is 70,000 yen at the time of new entrance to school
It is costly at the time of entrance to school all the time. Use such as uniform, jersey, the textbook purchase is free.

Field trip lump sum

It is 30,000 yen at the time of field trip

Ashoro high school student foreign countries training dispatch business

We load with thought to "want you to become human being-related rich human resources who can cope with international community." and dispatch all the Ashoro High School first grade in Canada Alberta uetasukiuin City which is sister city of Ashorocho. Travel expenses such as transportation expenses, Passport acquisition expense assist in full. Homestay is the center, but inspection of scenic spots such as Canadian Rocky is incorporated, too.

From student who participated, it is put a lot impression "that can have many experiences including homestay though it was uneasy first, and was very good.".

Support to student to be the care staff

The total amount burden of ... care staff first designation person training (the old housekeeper second grade) attendance expense (about 100,000 yen) during attendance at school

We hope for working after the graduation in nursing facilities in Ashoro-cho in ... future and we loan study fund (monthly basis less than 50,000 yen) to which enters care worker training facility after Ashoro graduation from high school, and aims at qualification of care worker and do. In addition, money of repayment becomes the total amount exemption when we work in care insurance facility in Ashorocho during period equivalent to double of period when we received loan.

Support from Ashoro High School promotion society

Summer, the winter season class, entering further education camp, the total amount burden of various official approval, trial run for an examination expenses
The furtherance such as club activities expedition costs
The furtherance of English e-Learning expense

By bearing trial run for an examination and official approval expense in full, support for "dream" of entering further education and employment of students realization.

Offer of lunch

We offer lunch from June, 2015 to Ashoro High School student. In addition, school lunch fee is free like primary and secondary student.

※Ask the details in Ashoro-cho Board of Education education general affairs room (0156-25-3188).

Public facilities private cram school

Thumbnail image of ah3.jpg

We founded public facilities private cram school (Ashoro-cho cram school) that we limited only to Ashoro high school student as new assistance measures.

Let alone student to work as who wish to enter difficulty University such as national universities, it copes with student well very much to follow class of school weak in study.

It is this about Ashoro-cho cram school

For more information about support for Ashoro High School, please see this.