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Child care support center

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Open space of gathering

Do you not make open space of encounter of such parent and child who can play while relaxing with child, and can obtain consultation and information of child care with the staff?
Mom daddy, please spend happy time deepening interchange let alone the making of friend of child, too.

Ask the staff about anything. Thank you in advance.

Request for use

As for the use time, we are free of charge from 9:30 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, four days a week of Friday. It is free even if we come whenever if there is in time of the morning even if we return.
☆The facility does not need footwear. (Center for Early Childhood Education and Care acorn for bare foot childcare)

On water, Saturday and Sunday, festival day, we are absent. We leave open on Wednesday in child care circle "chick club". (chick club can participate in anyone. Possible application at any time reception desk in open space of gathering)

It applies to children from 0 years old to before attendance at school and the protector. As it is not day care facility, attendance of protector is necessary by all means.
Please use while being careful about safety management without taking the eyes off child. (we cannot use only in children).

Eating and drinking in open space, carry-on of food are not possible. Water to drink, please use the nursing room. As there are on menadoha hot water supply facilities of milk, ask the staff.

Diaper exchange sheet is installed in multipurpose restroom in switchboard center of diaper in open space of gathering. Please take specifications finished diaper home by all means.

Tidying up, please in playground equipments which played after handling, the use carefully at original position without equipment in open space polluting, and breaking.

Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, child development support center "Ayumi garden is added other than open space of gathering in child center, too". We hope that we follow the use manner and are not a nuisance to other users.

Native of Hokkaido child care privilege system

As nationwide development of child care support Passport business, we distribute the certification card of native of Hokkaido, child care privilege system in Hokkaido. By having commercial and industrial meeting apply for child care support Milky Way card in Ashoro-cho, can receive privileges such as point rate up. In addition, there is store which can receive discount service when we have privilege card cost the appointed hour in the case of the purchase with childcare article.
It applies to child of junior high student to family whom there is. Distribution, inquiry become child care support center.

Brochure (PDF)

Telephone 0156-25-4415

Child care course

In child care support Santa -, we perform "child care courses" such as about the development or child care of child. We enjoy gambling with child, and there is story-telling of picture book, too. Please contact child care support center in detailed schedule.  Telephone 0156-25-4415

Child care course, lecture

We hold mini-course and lecture to be useful for child care.
(lecturer: health nurse, dietician, dental hygienist, nursery staff others)