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The winter season sports exchange meeting in northeastern Tokachi

March 4
 Sports exchange meeting (physical education promotion meeting sponsorship in northeastern Tokachi) was carried out in general gymnasium in the winter season in northeastern Tokachi in 2017, and 58 16 teams participated from Ashorocho, Honbetsucho, Rikubetsucho, and interchange was deepened in Curolling.
 At opening ceremony, Hiroshi Uno, chairperson of association of Ashoro-cho physical education to act as great chairperson said hello saying "we threw shot that each was correct, and let's do interchange for game that we deepened, and was enough" for.
 Afterwards, participant developed exciting game by one game 6 inning, and far country non-Osamu (Ashoro-cho) which participated at meeting most advanced age 93 years old told, "game won all games, but was runner up at loss and gain point" in vexation a little.