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Open data

By the spread of Internet, improvement in ability of terminal, general company and individual become able to treat a large quantity of data easily, and expectation to business utilization of the community data which country, the local government hold has been increasing.
We aim at profit utilizing various community data which country and the local government hold as "electronic administrative open data strategy" for familiar inhabitants service and business in that in country.

With open data

"Open data" are data which in data format suitable for machine reading and anyone were released public data which administrations hold to on by rule to enable the second use.
It is expected by to effectively utilize open data, is connected for improvement of not only improvement of public service but also administrative transparency, reliability, promotion of public and private sectors collaboration, citizen participation, activation of economy by creation of new service and business, and approach activates in the local government including country.

Approach about open data

Among data which Ashoro-cho holds, we are released in "Hokkaido opening data portal site" from thing which can be released.

Guidelines about open data promotion of Ashoro-cho. pdf

Hokkaido opening data portal site (the outside site)

※Please refer to the following for data which you cannot publish in portal site concerning capacity.

1.Ayumi image data

2.Lake Onneto photo contest photograph

3.Facility image data

Open data of Ashoro-cho are offered under creative Commons indication 4.0 international (the outside site).