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The mayor expression about consumer administration

 Environment surrounding consumers changes by the development of recent information technology, progress of globalization of economy busily and makes consumers problem with that diversification, complexity. In Ashoro-cho, we establish consumer life counselor's office which placed counselor specialized than April, 2011 to support such situation and plan consultation system maintenance for various consumers problems commencing with "the vicious commercial law" and "special fraud".

 In addition, for prevention of consumers damage with conduct of enlightenment activity including home delivery of cooked foods course utilizing "local consumer administration promotion grant" of country, public information magazine disseminate information, and act in "enhancement of education for consumers" by development of consumers activity that cooperated with related organizations including the Ashoro Consumers' Association.

 Ashoro-cho will work on maintenance enhancement of consumer administration and promotion of efficiency in future towards community which townsmans can live on security for in peace.

February, 2017 Ashoro-cho Chang'an Katsuhiko Hisatsu