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About action that you should take when ballistic missile may drop

 When ballistic missile fired by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) comes flying in Japan, as for the ballistic missile, it is expected extremely in a short time by Japan that it comes flying.

 Therefore fired missile transmits urgent information to Japan using J alert anytime for 24 hours when it may come flying.

 Disaster prevention administration radio starts automatically when we use J alert, and warning spreads, and urgent breaking news email is delivered to cell-phone area email by outdoor speakers.

 In addition, we perform communication by J alert using siren sound widely toward the area where attention is necessary for ballistic missile.

 ☆☆If message (urgent information) flows, please take the following actions promptly☆☆

[when we need outdoors]

 ○We evacuate to building or underground shopping center firm as possible nearby.

 ○We hide whether you hide yourself in shade from the ground and protect the head near when there is not suitable building.

[when we need indoors]

 ○We are separated from window as much as possible and move to cave if possible.

About detailed contents, please see .pdf about action at the time of ballistic missile fall (newly).